Model Resources

AIB Visual Aid

Conceptual Design

An initial design based on guiding principles and campus feedback. View the conceptual design.

Prototype Design

Prototypes served as the working models used to iterate as decisions are made throughout the development process. View the latest version of the prototype design.

Functional Model

The Functional Model is the budget model we are now using to manage budget allocation decisions according to final approved metric and planning assumptions. The Prototypes were used for design, whereas the Functional Model is used for day-to-day management.

Given that the Functional Model reflects decisions that have been locked in and therefore provides a more stable reporting framework we hope to eventually move this model into the universities' Budget and Planning system and/or our Business Intelligence system.

In the meantime, you can download the latest versions of the Functional Model in Excel from this linked folder.

Training and Presentations

SPBAC and RUBO Presentation Slides



AIB detail data are available in UAccess Analytics.

Feedback and Reports

Feedback, reports, and survey results are available in Box. A UArizona Netid is required to access the information.