College AIB Working Groups

Since any given change in the budget model is likely to impact each college differently, it is important for college-level teams – well beyond the deans’ offices – to be actively involved in the AIB development process.

Each college will establish an AIB Work Group to support the transition from RCM to AIB in two ways:

  1. To review proposed changes as they are incorporated into the model and to provide feedback to the college leadership and the AIB team centrally.
  2. To develop proposals related to articulating a structure for how activity-informed funding flows within the colleges to the academic departments to support operations (while maintaining core personnel budgets centrally at the college level), in alignment with the respective college's strategic goals.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Name Title Email
Amanda Stevens, Chair Manager, Finance and Administration
Laura Scaramella Director, Family and Consumer Sciences
Fiona McCarthy Professor, Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Brian Berrellez Assistant Director, Intelligence and Data Analytics
Janis Rutherford Director, Finance

College of Applied Science and Technology

Name Title Email
Linda Denno, Chair Associate Dean
Patrick Tortorici Assistant Professor of Practice
Melody Dugie Manager, Human Resources
Charles Smith Director, Finance and Administration


College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture

Name Title Email
Margaret Livingston, Chair Professor, Landscape Architecture
Simon White Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
Barbara Bryson Associate Dean, Research
Lisa Schrenk Associate Professor, Architecture
Mary Hardin Professor, Architecture
Emilio Romero Coordinator, Graduate Student Services
Angie Smith Director of Development
Laura Jensen Program Coordinator

College of Education

Name Title Email
Ron Marx, Chair Professor, Educational Psychology
Clarissa Siebern Business Manager
Patty Stowers Professor of Practice, Teaching/Learning and Sociocultural Studies
Jill Koyama Director, Educational Leadership Program
Mary Puig Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration

College of Engineering

Name Title Email
Young-Jung Son, Chair Department Head, Systems and Industrial Engineering
Ana Rodriguez Assistant Director, Finance and Administration
Ivan Djordjevic Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kriss Pope Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
Wendy Turner Principal Research Administrator

College of Fine Arts

Name Title Email
Colin Blakely, Chair Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Sharon Young Assistant Dean, Business-Finance
Deanna Fitzgerald Associate Dean, Fine Arts
Whitney Herr-Buchholz Director, Operations and Advancement
Chad Nicholson Associate Professor, Music

College of Humanities

Name Title Email
Judd Ruggill, Chair Department Head, Public / Applied Humanities
Toni Alexander Assistant Dean, Business-Finance
Barbara Citera Associate Professor, German Studies
Mary Portillo Business Manager, Senior
Karen Seat Director, School of International Languages/Literatures and Cultures
Carine Bourget Professor, French and Italian and Interim Head

College of Medicine - Phoenix

Name Title Email
Patricia Briseño, Chair Senior Business manager
Roberta Linger Financial Analysis Manager V
Chris Stahoviak Financial Analysis Manager III

College of Medicine - Tucson

Name Title Email
Anne Cress, Chair Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Nick Delamere Department Head, Physiology
Sam Campos Associate Professor, Immunobiology
Jennifer Schnellmann Associate Professor, Pharmacology
Jason Marr Assistant Dean, Financial Affairs

College of Nursing

Name Title Email
Steve Machtley, Chair Assistant Dean, Learning - Healthcare Technology Innovations
Terry Badger Professor, Nursing
Connie Miller Clinical Associate Professor, Nursing
Cindy Rishel Clinical Professor, Nursing
Silvia Xu Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration,
Judith Gordon Professor, Nursing

R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy

Name Title Email
Brian Erstad, Chair Department Head, Pharmacy Practice-Science
Stacy Lauver Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
Kelly Keyser Accountant, Principal
Cathy Smith Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology

College of Science

Name Title Email
Doug Ulmer, Chair Department Head, Mathematics
Jennifer Lawrence Manager, Business-Finance
Kelly Grimm Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
Craig Aspinwall Department Head, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Daniela Zarnescu Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Name Title Email
Chris Segrin, Chair Department Head, Communication
Francisco Pedroza Assistant Dean, Business and Finance
Stephanie Troutman Robbins Department Head, Gender and Women’s Studies
Alex Braithwaite Associate Director, Government and Public Policy
Adriana Kelly Business Manager

College of Veterinary Medicine

Name Title Email
Walt Klimecki, Chair Associate Professor, Veterinary Medicine
Heide Newton Associate Professor, Veterinary Medicine
Gabriela Avila Director, Finance and Administration

Eller College of Management

Name Title Email
Sue Brown, Chair

APS Professor and Department Head
Scott Cederburg Associate Professor, Finance
Anastasiya Ghosh Associate Professor, Marketing
Becky Ramos Administrative Manager
Lin Qian Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration

James C. Wyatt College of Optical Sciences

Name Title Email
Justin Walker, Chair Associate Dean, Business Development - Administration
David Gonzalez Director, Finance and Operations
Hong Hua Professor, Optical Sciences
Brian Anderson Associate Dean, Graduate Academic Affairs
John Koshel Associate Dean, Academic Programs

James E. Rogers College of Law

Name Title Email
Kathie Barnes, Chair Associate Dean, Programs and Innovation
Keith Swisher Professor of Practice, Law
Rob Williams Professor, Law
Michiko Pinnington Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration

Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

Name Title Email
John Ehiri, Chair Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Kelly Reynolds Department Chair, Community Environment and Policy
Jing Liu Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
Chris Cutshaw Director of Online Education
Gail Barker Senior Lecturer, Public Health
Melanie Fleck Coordinator, Public Health Undergraduate Programs